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"InVisions" is a partner of Bulgarian and international product companies, which are in leading position in their branch.


Puzzel logo

Puzzel is an enigma – it is a new and vibrant company with over 20 years’ heritage of delivering communication solutions that take customer interaction to another level.
Puzzel was created out of Intelecom Group to further focus on developing it’s contact centre and payment solutions where the company has taken a substantial position in the fast-growing market for cloud-based Customer Engagement Solutions. These solutions are used by a range of customers in different geographies, verticals and usage areas.
Puzzel’s focus is to develop and deliver inventive technology that is empowering our customers by being feature rich and easy to use, being able to adapt to any environment through strong integration capabilities, and always being dependable by offering consistently high levels of stability and security.
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and offices around Europe in Sweden, Denmark, UK and Bulgaria, Puzzel is passionate about delivering innovative customer interaction solutions for contact centres and mobile environments.


Softgroup logo

“Softgroup” is an innovative software company with over 15 years of experience in developing own systems, with an emphasis on the field of pharmaceutical Serialization and Track & Trace solutions. They offer a complete solution with software, hardware, and all the related services and support. SoftGroup is one of the four companies part of Endeavor Bulgaria, and has recently attracted an investment from Armada Capital to scale the business.
“Softgroup” is aiming to be a preferred provider for flexible serialization systems across different industries, and become a long term partner for pharmaceutical companies across the world with our software solutions.

Amplify Analytix

Puzzel logo

“Amplify Analytix” was founded three years ago and has grown into an international data analytics brand that strives to make every commercial decision better with data. They are proud to be a diverse, international team that helps and supports each other and solves problems together, to deliver the best for their clients and themselves. Till now they have grown a strong client-base and serve enterprise clients in Europe, the US and India.

Kaizen Gaming

Softgroup logo

Kaizen Gaming is the leading GameTech company in Greece and one of the fastest-growing in Europe. Being International with a local approach, the company is currently operating in 6 countries, with the Stoiximan brand in Greece and Cyprus, and with its international brand, Betano in Germany, Romania, Portugal, and recently in Brazil. Their aim is to leverage cutting-edge technology in order to provide the optimum experience to those who trust them for their entertainment. People at the core of everything they do, their team of 700+ talented and enthusiastic people fuel the international expansion with their passion, maintaining an "eyes-on-the-customer" approach and a unique One-Team spirit. Continuous improvement is what they strive for, from professional development to team-bonding activities, while being efficient and making things happen is what their team's minds are set on.


Strypes logo

Strypes was founded in 2008.A decade ago, the Dutch entrepreneur Koen van Wijk founded Strypes with a simple vision. He took inspiration from the Agile Manifesto and its twelve principles to create a company that continuously exceeds customer expectations.Our end-to-end software solutions create business impact because they are built around exceptional individuals. We operate with local presence on every project, as a personally involved thought partner. As working software is the main measure of progress, finding the solution is always our main priority.


RaceFacer logo

RaceFacer is a fast growing company which develops Management Software for Karting Centers around the world. At the moment, they are working with more than 90 tracks in 25+ countries in Europe, Asia, South & North America. They continue to expand their presence in new international markets.Besides that, they are growing their business by developing hardware products. This year they launched RaceSafety the first Automatic Safety System for Karting. They also created the first social network for Karting Tracks and Drivers.


Tryzens logo

Tryzens is an international digital commerce consultancy that takes a holistic approach to growing your business, no matter how or where your customers choose to buy. Our focus is centred on being collaborative partners in digital commerce, optimising your opportunity for online growth and engaging your customers in compelling and intuitive experiences.


IPS logo

In 2018 a new IPS factory with an annual production capacity of about €120m will be launched in Bulgaria. The IPS factory, with a total floor area of 16.800 m2, will be the first 100% self-sufficient, zero emission manufacturing facility of its kind in Europe. The 240 kWp solar modules and 24 kW wind turbines + battery storage for a 3-day back-up will enable completely autonomous and uninterrupted electricity production to meet the facility’s needs. EXERON will manage the power and energy storage.


Appgr8 logo

“Appgr8” was founded in 2019 by Josh Shoham a known and well-respected technology executive with Over 18 years of experience managing in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle. “Appgr8” combines cutting edge technologies, top talents and highly experienced management, to provide a true Team effort together with the clients, helping them reach their targets, and be ready for the future business challenges.


Tiebreak logo

Tiebreak Holdings Limited (“Tiebreak”) was founded in 2013 in Cyprus. Tiebreak operates a professional team that develops in accordance with high professional standards and commitment to excellence, all intellectual property. Throughout the years, Tiebreak has expanded its operations establishing itself in the market place as one of the leading developers in software applications for online provision of brokerage services.


Ragnarson logo

Ragnarson is a team of developers, designers and devops building web applications for almost 15 years. We help entrepreneurs build MVPs to get their first customers and attract investors. Established companies hire us to increase development speed and quality. We plan and run reliable infrastructure.

Мега Логистик

Мега Логистик logo

Компанията „Мега Логистик“ е специализирана в транспорта за и от Гърция, Италия, Франция, Испания, Германия, Австрия, Англия, Холандия. Значително място в нашата дейност заемат доставките от и за Румъния и Турция. Разполагаме с изключително добре развита мрежа от български и чуждестранни партньори, което ни позволява да осигурим транспортни и логистични услуги с най-високо качество, конкурентни цени и фиксирани срокове.


Veracomp logo

Established in 1991 “Veracomp” is one of the largest IT distributors in Poland. Now-days “Veracomp” has developed into a group of IT companies of international scope and operates in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The company invests in obtaining know-how, education and technical consulting. Presently, to each of the products, “Veracomp” adds its own value – pre-sales consulting, technical, marketing and educational support.


Pariplay logo

Pariplay is a new age multi-channel gaming business which develops, licenses and operates Real Money Gaming (RMG) games and systems in global regulated markets. They are an international B2B gaming platform and game provider, and they focus on delivering innovative and modern gaming products. Their products comprise of games, platforms and services, as well as on-premise solutions for land-based organizations.


Taskize logo

“Taskize” is a London fintech building a problem resolution network for the financial industry. In their first year after going live, they have signed over 100 banks in 35 countries. Their clients' back-office operations use Taskize to quickly connect with the right people with the right skills in the right firms, to resolve queries and issues quickly & efficiently.


Shipamax logo

“Shipamax” is a London-based software company with 5-years of experience in providing plug & play automation to logistics companies who are constrained by manual admin. They Stripe for back-office automation in logistics as logistics is the lifeblood of the global economy. Their core product connects to any email inbox or unstructured data source and automatically extracts data from emails & attachments in real-time - outputting a clean, structured feed via API. Shipamax is one of the few London-based startups backed by Y Combinator.

Сини ООД

Сини ООД logo

„Сини ООД“ стартира дейността си през 1991 година като малко производство на алуминиева дограма и стъклопакети. Това производство постепенно нараства, междувременно дейността се разширява към изграждане на метални конструкции от всякакъв тип (сгради и съоръжения), а в последствие и към монолитно строителство. През 2001 г. разширяват портфолиото от услуги с търговска дейност - продажба на алуминиеви профили и аксесоари.



For nearly a decade now, the success concept of WINBET casino chain relies on the continuous perfection of products and services they offer. Modern, cozy, with gaming machines from the world’s best manufacturers, their halls offer the highest level of service and numerous bonus games developed according to customer desire. Our Clients’ chain grows and develops among the top due to the fact that they listen to their customers personal needs and preferences.
On the other hand, Winbet Online is one of the fastest growing gambling brands in Bulgaria. Looking ahead in the future, for sixth year now, they are offering their customers the opportunity to enjoy technology trends and their online platform. They have a wide range of sports betting opportunities and a diverse catalog of casino games. Getting in touch with them, their clients find security, high quality service and unforgettable customer experience.

CasinoFlex Systems

CasinoFlex Systems logo

Founded in 2015 by Tim Klok and Bas Baarbe, CasinoFlex Systems International has the goal to deliver state of the art casino management systems, for an affordable price. Developed systems using experience and knowledge form the operation. We do what you think is best, not what we think is best. Customized reports for each department in your casino, finance, management, CashDesk. You name it, we make it! Analysis is the key to success.

Modern Style

Modern Style logo

През 2010 година, Владислав Узунов създава Modern Style Ltd., с желанието си да доставя професионални продукти за коса и да подсигурява успешни бизнес възможности на фризьорите в България. Всеки ден, Modern Style, остава вярна на своята мисия, да доставя професионални продукти и услуги, гарантиращи перфектни резултати. 

RMM Consulting Group

RMM Consulting Group

“RMM Consulting Group” provides Information Technology and Services such as: IT consultancy and outsourcing; On site – consultantsl Near shore – developmentl Business Development and Management; Pay Role services in the Netherlands and Belguim.



SEITEQ = Service Excellence in Technologies Seiteq is a provider of complex services in Human Resources and Information Technology. For years Seiteq has grown and expanded to many countries. Our company Seiteq, Ltd. was established in 2009 in Slovakia. For years we have specialized in outsourcing, recruiting and project support. Currently we provide solutions for many IT, technical and technology clients, for whom we have become a trusted partner and a business consultant. Our results are proven by strong relationships and hard work that has led Seiteq to expand into other European countries and spread our Seiteq family.

Techno Farm

Techno Farm

Techno Farm is a growing product company, specialized the last 5 years in development of geospatial applications. Our main activities include consulting, creation and development of our own specialized applications, based on proven technologies. The Techno Farm Product services needs focused in the domain of remote sensing, GPS, GIS and IoT. We are not just a Leader but an exclusive owner on this market in Bulgaria. The Techno Farm Team consists of software specialists, business analysts, scientists and engineers with thorough knowledge in Earth observations from space, agronomy and forestry.



INENSIA is a recent European company specialized in providing consulting and services for Industry process digitalization. Our international passionate team is cumulating significant experience with dozens of years in Product Lifecycle Management and other digitalization initiatives.

Eden Tech Labs

Eden Tech Labs logo

Eden Tech Labs is a boutique mobile apps development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We make mobile apps and give life to ideas - that’s why we love our job. If you want your idea to be real, we will be thrilled to discuss it. We do not sell pre-built software or reuse previous one. We create a proper and unique solution for your specific needs.We’re specialised in creating native mobile apps for iOS and Android and our team members have years of experience in the following fields: machine learning, image recognition and augmented reality, scalable backend architectures.

Esti Developers

Esti Developers logo

“Esti Developers” is a trusted Netherlandish IT recruitment agency which provides customized services to Netherlands IT companies and helping professionals to relocate to the Netherlands.
“Esti is more than staffing alone. We provide relocation guidance, not only in the physical manner: packing your bags and renting a new home in a different country. We believe that it is also a change in mind set and lifestyle. So, we give the ins and outs in how to feel comfortable in a new reality. Hired candidates receive an Esti bike to feel part of the Dutch biking culture straight away. We also understand that work alone doesn’t make a person fully happy. Having friends and meeting like-minded are key to feel connected. We support the IT professionals by organizing meet-ups and barbecues for them to meet others and stay part of the Esti network.”


TBS logo

TBS is specialized in the field of international trade with safety and security equipment, training aids and advanced warfare technologies. The company is fully licensed for the import, export and transfer of defense products, consulting and brokering activities with special purpose goods and services. Through a global partnership network we are successfully operating in various markets mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Digital & Software Solutions

Digital & Software Solutions logo

Digital & Software Solutions provides professional consulting and software development services.We help the business to improve their process in a way that can be only beneficial for them.Our expertise among different technologies helps us to deliver most suitable solution for every need. This will not only increase your IT and Business outcomes, but will also save you money.Our team has specialists who can provide consulting services in delivery of ServiceNow® - based ITSM solutions and other IT processes, including HR, Facility management, Finance, Infrastructure and many other. With our consulting help, you can bring more visibility into all of your IT processes and allow timely reaction to incidents, problems and events, and also minimising negative impact of infrastructural changes and optimising IT support cost.

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