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"InVisions" is a recruitment agency founded with the goal to find and attract the right professionals for exact position in specific company. We work with partners who understand the complexity and the value of the recruitment process and subsequently they put effort on retain their employees.

Our team consists of consultants with extensive experience in the research, selection, psychological assessment and suitability of candidates, team building and assessment of their technical competence. We appreciate the human value and we treat everyone with respect.

Machine learning engineer
Machine learning engineer

“Shipamax” is a London-based software company with 5-years of experience in providing plug & play automation to logistics companies who...

Full-Stack Web Developer
Full-Stack Web Developer

Digital and Software Solutions is a Bulgarian outsourcing company created by young, enthusiastic and proficient group of software specialists who...

System Administrator
System Administrator

Winbet Online is one of the fastest growing gambling brands in Bulgaria. Looking ahead in the future, for sixth year...

Senior Graphic Designer & Video Artist
Senior Graphic Designer & Video Artist

For nearly a decade now, the success concept of our Clients’ casino chain relies on the continuous perfection of products...

Our Team


IT Recruitment Manager/Owner

Counselling Psychologist


Senior Technical Consultant/Owner

Professor of Information Technologies and Biomechanics


Senior Recruitment Consultant

Human Resourcer


Senior Technical Consultant

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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